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Asking family who was a teacher about reference books for maths/physics. I may also need more than just reference. Psychology/Psychiatry/Neurology is easy. Computer science is break society.

Wanting 5th Course

Response: There is no reason to train you up, you can break any mathematics or physics question with your concentration skills.

Study doesn’t make money for the gov
Work doesn’t make money for the gov
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Subject: What do you need from me to start an education? Please explain how or why not
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What do you need from me to start an education? Please explain how or why not

Technology Assessment, Stance
If I knew more short maze compositions, like ALL reference New Scientist and American Scientist and APN start. Upset if not all issues almost refuse if uncompleted numbers.
I think it may start looking beyond a few billion for $150,000 with official status read x4.5 Day {20 min on 20 min off}

Technology Assessment, ASM
Maths Tutor, Physics Tutor to get into uni. Albert Also needed tutors and failed initially


First you’ll be choosing Windows / Mac / Linux or similar

Note: Games / 3D Machines require hi performance computers, general internet usage, general music usage, general video does not.

A Computer may be around 4GHZ [CPU Speed], 8GB [RAM] is now recommended and I would suggest a minimum of 128GB SSD [storage space, if its not SSD it may be a hard disk which may have more space but maybe 30-60% slower to take on/off for storage [It does not always take of storage, alot of the time it transfers to the CPU and RAM]]. A Computer like listed would be in NZD about $190-250 New. You may save money second hand although risk warranty on goods working properly.

If you want purchase advice: Go to someone with more than 4 years experience, a qualification which the person states as valid to assess hardware and software needs that you want and say I will give you for say a machine or program recommendation $50, ask questions back and forth for say an hour; you might have 5 minutes where you go off track then back ontrack to specification, if you could recommend what I should buy HOWEVER I will not buy from you, or anyone associated to you. I will only buy on recommended specifications which I will find a supplier independently. That way they can’t sucker you in with ‘this is the best deal in New Zealand’ type strategies

Then a next significant choice is:

We all go down for the office of the moment:
The Official standard May be Microsoft Office 2019
Home & Student for 1 Computer, Home & Business for 5 computers [There is bigger versions as well]
PLEASE NOTE: different versions have different capabilities
To start with you could try the below, ideally you would practise with them all over time if you have spare time to increase your awareness

I’m using softmaker FreeOffice now. I have bought MS Office previously but my 365 expired. Softmaker Freeoffice has equivelants to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. They try to be clever and make their own words up, unless their patented or copyright or similar it will just confuse end users.



Work Vs Volunteering
$16.5: <5 hours/day x 365 x 24x$16.5 = $825,942.85 if they don’t imprison you
Hawking Incident = $0.5-$1.5M [When your dead meat?]

‘The Internet is 1/11th  of world business’, 30-40% of internet workers are developers.

What can you do for your country?

What can you do for earth?

This would maybe exist on Mr Hawkings Hypothesis for multiverse in terms of radiation In/out.

//Note many places might accept some services or goods from you if it’s of benefit from you. Whether its the local shop or 1/2 trillion dollar companies.

2019.03.24 Engine Designs

Engines part 3 2019.03.24 Assumed need ‘dual-choke-turbine-stepping'[?]

[Ahead of time?]
New Scientist | 16 Match 2019 | Page 33
Welcome to the Age of Wood
Calculation Flawed: MetaData V = Photosynthesis vs raw material/s refine?

Other Professional Opportunities
Use your professional training to help others pro bono or volunteer with an organization, like the American Red Cross, which will train you in the necessary skills.

Google: Mental illness and the military