2017.06.17 Tomorrow is maybe the start of detox day.
Discuss going *off* a medication and onto another than will make me lose 8KG

If I get to go off 2 sets of medications to 2 lighter ones, then I wont even be overweight, and that’s overweight I know some of the difference between overweight and obese. [Overweight = 2-4kg bodyfat or similar over recommended bodyfat levels]


Because I left school at age 10 I still have to emotionally mature is what has been discussed with my support people.

Anxiety = Lack Of Self Worth from being abused for having a mental illness
Anger = Same as above
Depression = Because of needing work again and same as above
Self Consciousnesses = Same as above
Moderation = basis of what was said at the start
Vulnerability = OPENNESS(Adventurousness)

The word neuroses was originally coined in the 18th century to label a range of psychological disorders that could not usually be linked to a physical cause. It is often confused for neuroticism, a personality trait.

  • Neuroticism has been used to describe a personality trait that does not impair everyday function.
  • Neurosis is no longer used as a diagnosed, and neuroses are now diagnosed as depressive or anxiety disorders.