Inventor of monthly software licensing, pay by use licencing. In conjuction with Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital & Australian Secretary of Defense.
If you want any facts about me ask me and I will see if I can get any, warranted, records.
Most of the people who have been around me are mentally or emotionally unstable and should not be relied on for facts.
I can teach you with practise how to make, if your good with people $60 Occassional or $22.50 Full time you handle a client like computer stores do for common tasks. I have been trained to Qualification standards. Note it takes more effort and practise to be a Web Developer than a Computer Technician and potentially longer hours.

There is a few stages:

Ux [User Interface Designer] which usually takes 3-6 months 40hrs pw Charfging Rate $22.5 Employed $40 Contracted
Common Resource [1]
Programmer PHP/MySQL = 70% usually takes 6 Months. Charging rate $25 Employed $60 Contracted
Common Resource [1]
Javascript Programmer = Becomming more commong But I do not offer this but you may be able to find 30-70 book
Dedicated Database Programmer = works on making data like monopoly board or crossword so space isn't lost and for example where it has numbers you can't put letters, controlling the data People in this field may charge 60-80k/year
Common Resource [1]
System Planning / Architecture = I have refered before on this and there is the encyclopedia of Information technology which is 10,000 pages and probably a world leader, 10,000 page PDF. People in this fiedl may charge 80-150k/year. I have only learned basic Archiecture
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