Inventor of monthly software licensing, pay by use licencing. In conjuction with Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital & Australian Secretary of Defense.
If you want any facts about me ask me and I will see if I can get any, warranted, records.
Most of the people who have been around me are mentally or emotionally unstable and should not be relied on for facts.
A Deskop/Laptop Common Essential: Windows

I also suggested a military not to charge for basic version of windows to maintain subscribers, I wanted more market share. It still has been quite dominant Earlier Microsoft windows some people got frustrated at their liscencing, this would help restore faith in Microsoft, but very little people know about this. The basic version of windows 10 will have all features, no serial for say 6 Months, then may remind you if you want extra feautures. Don't pay -Small features. A Feature I remember is after awhile -Background change, and I am quite a heavy windows and all I have noticed is please upgrade to full to change background! I go in and out of different settings windows, alot in the serial free version works great.

A Desktop/Laptop Common Essential: Office
Unless your making under minimum wage I recommend you get Office 365 or Office 2019, you probably won't need the pricey versions.
<start of office story> Seriously its not worth wasting your time on freeware claiming to be as capable when it isn't <end of office story>
I have used every major version, every main alternative type, now if I see an alternative I go no I may test it but I can't do this again, it is not designed in the same facility and won't function in the same way!! Not only will it not function in the same way office make file to office make file: I have never had one that didn't crash at some point. Think about it: $12/Month for your file/s or maybe losing some of your data or not being ontime because the system fell over!
Windows Freeware:
I do like freeware! Want some Hi quality SW From beginners to Pros? URL I don't like computers being used for a wasted part of our creatures lives when we could be doing for for our creatures, including technology or economics. You have the power, not 1 person alone like me, the greater majority has the power to influence this civilization to the next. I used to keep a list of 5-20 freeware sites, but I am okay with most of my tasks in my current collection here is one:
1] 2] , used to be very very good but can be quite outdated now.
Also be wary of downloading anything, even more so with ending in *.exe or *.com [They can be inside other files like ZIP/RAR/7Z Or other compressed formats] among others as it may be a virus, this usually doesn't happen with mp4, mp3, 3pg or others. If your new try the above two sites and it goes off their domain extension be wary about downloading. Industry stats, few people know: 7-11% of viruses are not detected by virus scanners. Imagine every 9 files you download 1 could have virus content, try and keep your bank secure also.
Account Security - My current theory is, and this may be [?] the only banks will offer you support with [?] not sure
1 Anything associated to your financial records gets its own independant security, this includes emails or phone or similar.
2 Your Financial data gets its own security, this includes emails or phone or similar.
3 Anything independant of financial records you could develop your own priority system: example 10 dating sites: don't really care about uniqueness if your willing to take that risk.