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If you want any facts about me ask me and I will see if I can get any, warranted, records.
Most of the people who have been around me are mentally or emotionally unstable and should not be relied on for facts.
NZ Budget
World Stats- Have done varying amounts of budgets, sometimes I redo them to find new things.
  Health - General
  Retirement, may be more biased, or one sided
  I'm not going to even list what happens to kids
  Probably just deserves a few twisted arms to start the correction on beatings.
  Specific Circumstance - Education [Untold]
Rape [20 / Urban Area / Yr]
Some Reports say 1.5-2.5%/Year with an estimated 70-80% unreported. Which would be 1/33 or sim.
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  Next on the budget $> to $<
  Public Transpority in quick analysis does nto seem to have an overbody governing it for sales
  Defining pubic transport in an industry co-olation may reduce government costs but presently a wikipedia page exists.