Creature Rights Bill

May just an extension to the Animal Welfare Act or something like that.

//Are The Popes Quantifying this? I have only messaged them on Twitter before.

The theory I twittered them was in relation to Stephen Hawking

I wanted to Add to S.H. The Theory Of Unknown Knowledge

  1. Where possible taking creatures lives or sub-segment of lives with the least suffering will be primary goal while matching with physical capability limits or agreed practicality as the Creature Rights Bill or Act Develops.
  2. It will be for all forms of noticeable life not just animals.
  3. Incase of miss-assumption: It wont designate business, it will be a intended meta data concept for goals like logical vs physical goals.

Quantification so far:
Unit Thoughts(Pleasure(Length:Amount x Intensity):Pain(Length:Amount x Intensity))

Please note for early analysis not only animals have feelings, as quantified by New Scientist Magazine.