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This was not the original draft to the AU Secretary of Defence, but similar:

Here is another of the old drafts, This was before the Secretary of Defense Draft, within a few weeks when I was trying to plan it.

5+ Militaries writing:

Software Licensing by month, to reduce piracy, partially released
Software Licensing by usage, to reduce piracy, to be released

I wrote it as my ‘John Nash Thesis’ To combine capitalism with communism
Dozens of other re-writes but some are still classified

Over my lifetime this may exceed 160 Billion Dollars.

I asked if I could have 1.5 Million compensation for continued service

2019.03.08 Today I asked IRD/WINZ again if they would review my student loan change so I can do bachelors of science; else; I will do bo,r,ing, work during the week. I magazine offered to write me up as web developer of the year in 2004. In 2016 approx I re-wrote parts of copyright drafts for Adobe and Microsoft via the AU Military, probably make more money than NZ per year, but over its lifetime not per year.

I used to HeAr VoIcEs [No particular person or theme] or some WeIrD statement like that: I don’t anymore and they took it off my diagnosis list and I am now just listed as needing treatment for aspergers [Hi Functioning Autism]

I think if i can make 80-160 Billion for tax dollars to collect maybe they’ll help me with a student loan for a bachelors in comp.sci, I also contributed to science to the government. See how it goes.