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2019.03.19 // Time to read Stephen Hawkings multiverse theory. What’s the betting its written like a book instead of a science article
I’m starting to think I should say Ánd the earth is flat?’
Other Thoughts: How do we go between universes or measure to check?
WHat validity do you have on universes without testing especially radiation alone which may not transpose.

I will have to forward them to someone other than Stephen Hawking this time.


Favourite Science Mode: Civilzation 5 WIndows EXE Abstracted [Available as free limited demo [Limits maximum turns]]:
Technology Development
Creature Rights


  1. That my idea had been given from Vice President to Mr Obama to Mr Obama Directly, It may be a Government campaign for the USA Later. I designed it to affect the largest department/s costs of the USA Government on the budget sheet. [People are not at time of initial statement, suspected, aware enough, typically or on averages, to realize it]
  2. 3 Letters from the CIA
  3. 1 Letter from Australian Military HQ
  4. Various Letters mostly from NZ Parliament
  5. A Thank you from the Australiam PM at the time


// 2019.03.18 ask a doctor for Australian Pension special agreeement with NZ
// Note you DO NOT Have to be an Australian citizen:
// Out of 100% people and doctor feedback: Note you DO NOT Have to be an Australian citizen: // You REQUIRE to have worked or been disabled in AU for 10 years or more. WINZ Central Wellington office has also confirmed this.
//ALSO Note WINZ Head office said I am required to do this application by law.
// $46,027.08 / Year

-I.T. +Technology Renovations

// May thank with reviewing top 50 software titles for quality improvement* // 2 months
*Based on GDP
// May thank with reviewing top 50 Hardware titles for quality improvement* // 2 months
*Based on GDP
// Should find top 50 per field max 50 fields == 2,500 [1,400 == around expert] // Maybe aiming too much, should aim for 100 so maybe hw/sw

Personal Summary

Resume [URL]

Age: 41

Studies/Work: In resume

CopyCentral Licensing: A third paragraph would look good so I’ll mention how I came up with ideas to change Software to Monthly then by usage licensing. Micrsoft now does this partly as does Adobe, also suggested to VMWare, Oracle and the top 10 biggest software Co’s on Wikipedia.

Volunteering: 100’s to a few thousand innovations/inventions [Not Mathematics] submitted but lost records or records I do not have [I can recall a few dozen or dozens with some effort], basically just forwarded them on to government emails mostly. Majority of which was presumably computer ideas or occasionally mechanical, definite combinations of computers+mechanics.

Other Than Studies/Work:
2 Exceptional Talents [1:30,000], [listed by AU/NZ Psychologists] : Sorting/Budgeting 150-160, Concentration 150-160
3 Genius Talents [1:50], [listed by AU/NZ Psychologists] : Regular genius didn’t really bother to record.

Note AU psychologist joked we rate you at 72 IQ I go Óh’ how come and then she says ‘then we finished the other half of the test and we got you at 152’, I didn’t exactly like the joke much myself. She was training a student and having fun with the testing process. The NZ Psychologist just referenced it as 72-75 but then the NZ Psychologist I pissed off because after waiting days for her out of schedule I said don’t bother.

[Previous chats includes how Knowledge improves IQ See my Theory [URL]

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