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If you want any facts about me ask me and I will see if I can get any, warranted, records.
Most of the people who have been around me are mentally or emotionally unstable and should not be relied on for facts.
    Why the system broke the law putting me in hospital
    I was fueding with my neighbours over them getting excessively drunk, taking cannabis and I caught 1 shooting needles
    I reported this to Flo, Buildcorp. She said I had to tolerate abuse. That I had no legal right to object to threats to murder me
    So I said fine vote me out of the buildcorp apartment complex if you want
    I get told I should be smoking hash then within 5-7.5 seconds when I respond I don't want to I get told no one wants you here.
    So I try make friends at the pub
Day 1 1 Coca Cola and chips. Asked 2 Models how they felt about modelling, asked the bartenders about their interests.
Day 1 2 I realized the staff here were less abusive than my neighbours and I couldn't go back to my neighbours. When they told me to leave they said it's 15 to 1 we just voted you out fuck head or the one on needles yelled it or screamed it.
  3 I left around 10PM decided I wanted to get up ASAP and go back to the pub, I had nowhere else to go.
Day 2 1 More progress on making friends. There was one there that was very distant, by day 3 she gave me a smile.
  2 I left around 10PM decided I wanted to get up ASAP and go back to the pub, I had nowhere else to go.
I learnt they had WiFi
Day 3 1 I tested the WiFi on arrival, found a good spot. I didn't have much socialization with people there, some of the staff that was about it. I started researching my two main categories of savant utilization: Government Efficiency and Government Exports. I think I totalled 135B Globally with some paperwork, maybe 100 Million Gross NZ, After it was net it would probably be more like 15-35 Million.
  2 I started processing computation and re-writing computation on wikipedia. My Medication was low from not being at home properly but I didn't want to go back there, I didn't want to here another threat about how they were going to kill me. Note I gave the police an MP4 Audio sample of a death threat which they had taken away previously as evidence
  3 Theres a party its maybe 3:00-3:30AM someone starts throwing food at me. They also have a bouncer this day when on other days they didn't
  4 I go up to the bartender and say if someone doesnt stop throwing food at me I am calling the CIA which they said If I had any problems to call them
  5 I went back to my table and people start throwing food at me again
  6 I pick up the butter knife by my plate and slam it down on the table 4x and yell 'STOP THROWING FOOD AT ME''
  7 People around almost like counter gravity move away from me and the bartender comes over to pick up the knife
  8 At first I refuse. Then someone who in the bathroom said ýour full shit' says he'll take me outside. I say come on then, you want it come and get it. that repeats 3x then I sayI AM NOT ANGRY AT YOU I AM ANGRY AT THE PERSON WHO IS THROWING FOOD AT ME which i repeated 4x
  9 I hand over the knife the police come and take me away for assessment. The assessement says I am elevated and I get taken to a hospital. I would be normally elevated too if I eat hardly anything all day, drink coca cola and don't get enough sleep. I argue that this autistic traits and your arguing bipolar and I point out the facilities you are using don't support autism. He left the room, didn't make any changes
Day 4+ 1 The doctor said my accomodation expired. where buildcorp sided with needle cannabis and beer users instead of me and I had to find new accomodation. That I would probably be sent to respite and had no priority for this to occur other than my own knowledge:
  2 Nurses like to keep patients that are easy maintenance as managers may because they cost little and they make the same profit
  3 So now I wait for release of basically when the doctor can be bothered doing it and the doctors works with say the manager to make money and has their handling of issues policies.
I did like the pub to talk to the staff, not much socialization beyond that, I think though the internet cafe was a bit safer although from the internet cafe I might sometimes come home 6AM.