Inventor of monthly software licensing, pay by use licencing. In conjuction with Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital & Australian Secretary of Defense.
If you want any facts about me ask me and I will see if I can get any, warranted, records.
Most of the people who have been around me are mentally or emotionally unstable and should not be relied on for facts.

Burgers cut 10% off your life? / [Among other things]

2019.02.15 Today Protein Shakes + Gym = Another CM [Around my waist] bytes the dust

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Inventor of monthly software licensing. Inventor of pay by use licensing. Originally provided by Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital [It cost over 200 Million?] to the Australian Secretary of Defence

I have done 4 Degrees {2 Diplomas Web Development, Computer Technician, Network Technician}
I am presently on a benefit, I think the AU.DOD would rather I spend time picking out ideas and not worry about pocket money for me.
Some of the research now I do makes regular jobs seem like a drag

I started looking at trying to find a good deal car on TM again, don't do it very often. Probably spent as much as cars on computers.
I might be able to find a basic car, but I am mostly happy by the computer anyway and I am not doing degree 5 yet.
If I find a genuine good deal in Auckland I might consider it. But to me a geniune good deal on computers was once every 3 weeks not sure how long for cars. Someone said I should just get some base parts and work up, thats easier for me on computers because i am a technician on them I have never welded a car or gotten down into it before.

Trade Me++ = Government++ I have tried to barter for unit = No exceptions, below. Work/study time means good effort. Suggested wanting $3 Million for career may be too hi. Accepted 1.5 Million for career Deal with AU.DoD

Partner Seeking Female, maybe Auckland but would consider elsewhere, if around Auckland/other university even better or want to move there, 18-45, North Shore, Auckland. Car may make things easier, car enthusiast also good. Government regulated, no illegal drug habits.
Partner Offering Male, 41, North Shore, Auckland. Doesn't usually drink, Dark Hair, Blue Eyes, No Pets, Seeking Long Term Relationship, Children Yes/No okay, If had a kid would want to educate highly, Only drug is caffeine, No Children. Not likely to drive, may live close to university but not sure yet.

Activities Wanted Likes: [Professionally] Science/Internet/Computer Okay
Activities Not Wanted No.Exceptions(No eating out, No Cheat Meals, No Alcohol), Travel, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking
Activity Main Researching on Computer

Personality Seeking Open
Personality Offered Examiner/Logistician

Vocation Seeking Nurse preferred but open minded
Vocation Offering May start Gen. Sci Bachelor in next few months

But wait there's more! Buy now and it comes free with 2 ears that might listen to you if we talk sensibly with each other :-), notwithstanding alcohol or anything else not standing.